Boutique law firm

De Meulemeester & De Brabandere is a boutique law firm specialised in international arbitration and negotiation, with a focus on arbitrator practice. De Meulemeester & De Brabandere is a flexible law firm and can adapt to fit in the most appropriate manner to the clients’ expectations. De Meulemeester & De Brabandere corresponds and answers to any need that could arise with the dispute referred to it, as the law firm establishes specific ad hoc teams on a case-by-case basis. That way, De Meulemeester & De Brabandere ensures the specific expertise required for each aspect of the case (e.g. knowledge of local legislation, language, damages, sector) and take account of the specific nature of each case.


De Meulemeester & De Brabandere provides high quality services in international commercial and investment arbitration thanks to the expertise and experience of its team. Dirk De Meulemeester and Eric De Brabandere act as arbitrator in arbitral proceedings, on complex as well as traditional disputes, and have previously acted as counsel in investment arbitrations. As such, both partners frequently deal with the major arbitration institutions and rules. This experience in international commercial and investment arbitration cases led them to work with a variety of applicable laws and working languages.

Our clients

De Meulemeester & De Brabandere, aside from its arbitrator practice, advises a wide variety of clients, such as private corporations of different sizes, foreign investors, States and governmental agencies. De Meulemeester & De Brabandere understands the needs and expectations of its clients, and hence works together with them to guarantee the best efficiency of its services. Thanks to their experience as arbitrators, the partners have an inside perspective of the arbitral proceedings. The partners’ experience and in-depth knowledge of both areas of trade and arbitration allow them to proceed efficiently, keeping costs and length of proceedings to a minimum.

The team